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Spying on James Bond

Who doesn't want to see a James Bond Film!

My two cents on why James Bond Films work.

1. James Bond Films are the absolute acme of protagonist-antagonist plots. The enemy is as vicious and powerful as he can get.

2. The stakes are incredibly high. This is true for Point 1 too, by definition. If James Bond has to climb a mountain, it must be a vertical cliff. And when he does manage to reach the top, there must be someone there to kick him down again.

3. Every 10 minutes James Bond falls into trouble. He must emerge out of it entirely on his own with no help ever from the Department.

4. The gadgets are exciting and a big draw. The gadgets are exhibited in 1 or maximum 2 scenes, as item scenes. But the way the script is intended is that, the gadgets never help Bond in critical situations.

5. The locations are exotic. But this is not enough. The story must take us through the interiors of those

locations, the narrow lanes and bylanes, which is what gives James Bond Films such charm.

4. Of course, the ladies.

Would you like to add to it?

Your POV please.


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