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About us

As a prestigious Corporate House, you work with Advertising, Digital, PR and Event Agencies. 

How about a Video Agency too: Eye-Q Films - a boutique Video Agency offering a bouquet of services.

Probably India's First and Only Video Agency, Eye-Q Films is your No.1 Video support system, a one-stop shop for all your AV needs under one roof - a single-point contact. In Eye-Q Films, you have a responsible, credible organisation accessible 24x7x365, with hundreds of resources under its umbrella forming the Eye-Q Films Team. 

We have complete in-house Production capabilities, vast experience handling practical logjams, and ability to meet every technical surprise. Primarily 'creative problem solvers', we can partner with you at all price-points depending on your requirement. Moreover, Eye-Q Films is your offset against this quagmire - either you overpay or you get low quality. With us, you get your money's worth, always. Also, minimal overheads. 

Top corporates, RIL and Kirloskar, have entrusted their faith by asking us to register.

On a personal note, after a 7-year stint as Copywriter, I formed Eye-Q Films around 2005. I have written, produced and directed Corporate Videos for top brands, among a 100-odd projects of virtually every description. At near 100% approval rate. 

Today, in all humility, we have the Work and the experience to be among the top Corporate Video companies in the world. Our promise is a film that forms the arrowhead of your communication strategy and is not simply a visual encapsulation of your product or service. Delight guaranteed.

We are scaling up to be a Video-First full-service Advertising Agency, VR, AR, PR, Event, Media, Films/TV Production House, living up to our descriptor - 'An Integrated Media House'. 

For Eye-Q Films'​ Showreel, kindly mail or call +919619573007. 



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