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Kind attn: Govt / PSUs

From my experience over the last 2-odd years, my one suggestion to this Govt is to simplify the #Tendering/RFQ process for #VIDEO PRODUCTION in #Govt organisations/#PSUs.

We are #creative people (somewhat, if not too much) and this process is simply too complicated for us.

In fact, it’s 10 times more draining than the work itself – with its hundreds of clauses, assprted Legalities, requirement of L1 and occasionally Bank Guarantee, and no advance.

After all, if a service provider (any service provider for that matter) is reasonably proficient, they can focus on other opportunities, without worrying about these endless formalities.

My suggestion (yes it’s audacious) to Govt organisations/PSUs is, between all the committee members, you decide that you want to work with #Eye-Q Films, and then we will do it at a cost you are comfortable with.

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