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Lessons from Devsaab

Several years ago in an article on Devsaab (Dev Anand), I came across this line, ‘He has a remarkable capacity to disregard failure’.

As we all know, Devsaab has been among the greatest icons of the Indian film world, with a string of landmark films and a heartthrob of millions to this day.

I think there is a big lesson in ‘disregarding failure’. Quite often we get bogged down over-analysing and mulling over setbacks when the right thing to do would simply be to move on.

‘Failure; can mean not just the larger disappointments, but also encounters with people on an everyday basis, reflecting on which is a drain on our own energy.

Quite simply, an able ‘Guide’ for our life and work.


This follows my post on Devsaab (Shri Dev Anand) of just a few days ago.

We were at our Doctor’s yesterday and he casually mentioned that he once asked Dev Anand,” Why do you go on making films ?”

Dev Saab replied, ”That’s because I do not know to do anything else. The moment I realise one of my films is not doing well, ie on or two days after the release, I immediately set about planning my next film.”

What a legend !

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