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Lessons from Failure

This was in #2004 or roundabout.

We had a meeting with a #Corporate Honcho, head of a #Company which is considered among the biggest #debacles of #Corporate #India.

At that point when we met him, he was blacklisted by the #RBI, a fact he himself informed us about.

“My travel agent gets a car loan, I don’t”, he said

.For obvious reasons, I will take no names.

We were meeting him for a #Corporate #Film they were planning to do. The Film was to be directed by the most promising young Directors of the day. And I was writing it.

We were sitting in the restaurant of #JW Marriott, Juhu.

“What stupid things we did. We had #Rs 800 #crores and we simply threw it away”, he said. And then pointing towards the road, he continued,” We were trying to run a #Formula 4 on the streets of Mumbai.”

Big big lesson.

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