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Oh the surprises in this business

In our business, technical surprises are a certainty.

Sharing one such episode.

A while back, we were doing a project. Finally, it was time to take the final product.

I carry a 32GB pen drive. The project size was 8GB.

The operator tried all he could, but the 8GB project simply wasn’t getting transferred to the 32 GB pen drive.

The main editor had by then left for a pre-scheduled holiday (another pitfall of our business).

After struggling for a while, the operator called the owner of the Studio. He informed us – “You will need to convert your pen drive to NTFS format.”

He tried converting the pen drive to NTFS on his laptop. After about 15 minutes, the capacity of my pen drive was reduced to 4 MB.

From 32 GB to 4 MB. The Studio owner then said, there was a problem with my pen drive and handed it back to me.

Now this is a huge stalemate, because we cannot buy new hard drives or new anything at the drop of a hat.

But it does not help to be flustered.

So we went to my office 10 minutes away, and searched ‘How to restore pen drive to original capacity’ on youtube.

Lo and behold. Crystal clear directions to restore the pen drive to its original capacity of 32 GB.

In about half an hour, I was back to the Studio and on this occasion, the 8 GB project successfully transferred into the 32 GB pen drive.

Oh the joys of this business.

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