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Regarding Fine print

As a #service provider, or let us say, media-related service provider, what will you include as your ‘#Fine Print’. In our case, Fine Print is not so fine and clients do read all of it.

This is something we need to think about.

There was a #Computer Graphics team closely aligned with us a few years ago, but I must still make a mention of their Fine Print.

Their Estimates used to come with some 15-20 points as the Fine Print, two of which I remember: - At least 80% of the material must be given to us before we start. - Face-to-face meetings must be kept to a minimum. Maximum communication must be done on phone, email or #skype.

There was another Estimate a client had shown me once, which again had several points at the end, although not as many as the team above. One of the points read as follows:

  • Doorstep delivery Rs 1000 per visit.

Boss (or Ladies) what you are saying is absolutely right, but if you put so many Terms and Conditions, clients will get worried.

Thoughts welcome.

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