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The new employment model

It seems to me that the full-time salary model is no longer the default mode of #employment.

Large staff = Large office = Large cost, especially in a city like Mumbai with prohibitive real estate costs.

Speaking for myself as a first-generation #entrepreneur, this is suicidal.

Also, all said and done, #firing is not easy.

A project-to-project involvement is more viable, especially in our kind of business where we work with equals, and can cull in #experts of different kinds in different combinations from project-to-project.

Moreover, #remuneration is linked to performance and not attendance.

Also, now there are no longer any distances, and we can work with #talent spread the #world over.

So one part of your project could be happening in #London, another in #LA, some part in #Dubai and some in #Nasik.

So when #clients ask us, "What's your strength ?" well, maybe our strength is a 100 people.

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