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Without a Clue 1988

What if Watson were the senior partner in a Sherlock Holmes film ?

The real brains, as it were.

Such is the audacious, incredulous premise of the 1988 film WITHOUT A CLUE, starring Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley and Jeffrey Jones.

The single-greatest challenge of this Film ? Of course, the character of Sherlock Holmes, complete with his idiosyncracies.

He has to be sufficiently daft with respect to Watson, because after all, that is the premise of the Film. So for example, in a sword fight with Moriarty, he cannot even wield a sword

Yet he has to be within control and pivotal at crucial moments. After all, all said and done, he is Sherlock Holmes.

When Watson goes missing, it is Holmes who seeks out the villain and manages to reaches his Den. Again, since Watson is smarter, he is already there.

Finally, when the Press seeks out Sherlock Holmes outside 221B Baker Street, he graciously calls out Watson, as being the invaluable reason the duo have an edge over Scotland Yard.

An elevating, ennobling Film.

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