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An ending that will make you cry

We have spoken about beginnings.

Let’s talk about endings.

I’m willing to wager that by the time you reach the end of this post, your eyes will be moist.

A top banker has committed a fraud and he is on the run.

In the train, he asks for newspapers to be delivered to him at every station. He quickly realises that authorities are hot on his heels.

There is no way he can escape.

A co-passenger has a faint physical resemblance to the banker.

The banker discovers that the co-passenger has a Mexican passport.

The banker gets the co-passenger drunk. He then mixes a drug in a glass of water and gives it to the already sloshed co-passenger.

Once the co-passenger passes out, the banker throws him out of the train. He throws his own luggage after him.

Assuming this new identity, the banker gets down at the next station where the co-passenger was supposed to get down.

In the luggage compartment, the co-passenger’s dog is travelling too.

Initially reluctant to go with the banker, the dog finally relents.

The banker hires a car and proceeds towards the Mexican border.

On the way, he tries to get rid of the dog.

In the confusion, the Mexican’s suitcase, which the banker is carrying, opens and out pops a gun.

Surprised, the banker looks into the suitcase and sees a newspaper cutting, “xxxx. Killer. Mexican governor’s murderer. Reward 100,000 pesos’.

The banker is shocked at the twist of fate.

But he has no option but to head somewhere.

Since this is countryside, there are hardly any houses.

He passes a Motel.

There’s a couple employed at the Motel. Let’s call them Motel-husband and Motel-wife.

On the way to run an errand, the Motel-husband comes across the injured Mexican and brings him to the Motel.

The Mexican steadfastly refuses to go to the hospital and insists on being treated in his room.

On a hunch, the banker goes to the place where he had thrown off the Mexican.

He sees traces of blood on the shrubbery, but there’s no body.

The banker concludes that the Mexican is alive.

Again at the Motel, where the banker goes to fuel his car, he sees a doctor coming out.

He suspects that the Mexican is holed up here.

The banker books a room at the same Motel.

The Mexican’s dog who is with the Banker rushes towards the Mexican’s room.

To the Banker, this confirms that the Mexican is certainly here.

At night, the banker goes to intimidate the Mexican. But this is a showdown which can lead to nowhere because both the guys are in a soup.

The banker thinks of another plan.

He puts the Mexican’s passport and newspaper clipping announcing the reward, in his own coat pocket.

He then rubs some dirt on the coat and goes to the hotel staff asking if it can be cleaned.

The Motel-husband volunteers to clean it. Now he’s the sort who wants to make money fast so they can have their own Motel.

The Motel-husband discovers the newspaper clipping and decides to call the police to claim the reward. Motel-wife dissuades him then.

The next morning, the banker leaves the Motel and is going out in his car.

Motel-husband asks him for a lift. The banker agrees.

After they have gone a certain distance, the Motel-husband pulls out a gun and asks the banker to proceed to the American-banker border.

The banker is smiling inside. This is exactly how he had planned it.

The two reach the border and the Motel-husband hands the banker to the Mexican authorities.

When the cops take the banker to the police chief, he pulls out his original passport and claims he is not the Mexican they want.

The police chief is not convinced.

After a while, the banker tells the Mexican police chief where they can find the Mexican killer.

The news is transmitted to the local cops. They conducted an operation and the Mexican killer is eliminated.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard is after the banker. They want the banker extradited to America but Mexican police chief expresses his inability.

The banker tries to bribe the Mexican police chief.

Scotland Yard makes a plan.

They have a telegram sent to the banker purportedly from his lawyer, who asks the banker to meet him somewhere near the Mexican town.

The Motel-husband is made part of the plan by Scotland yard.

It is so arranged that the banker will find no other way to travel to the meeting place. Perforce, he has to ask for a lift from the Motel-husband.

Motel-husband agrees. Driving to the meeting place, as has been arranged, the Motel-husband turns the car to the international border, where there is bridge built over a river.

The banker panics. He rushes out of the car. Realising that he has nowhere to escape, he jumps into the water.

The banker manages to escape and returns to the Mexican town.

Scotland Yard again pressurises the Mexican Police Chief to extradite the banker.

Mexican police chief expresses his inability, but he says that he will ensure that the residents of the city will give the banker utter non-cooperation and support, sort of like, ‘hukka paani band karna’.

The banker finds that no one is ready to give him shelter or food.

He quickly discovers that his only friend is the dog, the Mexican killer’s dog, who he had been shooing away throughout the film.

Meanwhile, the Motel couple consider that it is because of them that the Mexican got killed. They are feeling responsible.

They ask the Mexican killer’s wife to come and live with them.

When the wife crosses the border with her kid, the dog follows too.

Scotland Yard, parked at the border, gets hold of the dog.

They tie the dog towards the American side on the bridge.

Hearing his wails, the banker comes to rescue him.

But he realises that the dog is on the American side and backtracks.

At night the dog is wailing bitterly.

The banker, who is lying down near the bridge, hears the wails.

The wails get too much for him.

He crawls on the bridge towards the dog.

The dog is barking constantly.

As the banker approaches the dog and is about to untie him from the railing, officials of Scotland Yard come rushing in their car.

The banker is desperately running away with the dog towards the Mexican side.

The car hits the banker and he dies.


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