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Speaking of premises in a Film

A top banker is on the run.

He has committed a fraud.

In the train, he asks for newspapers to be delivered to him at every station.

He quickly realises that his fraud has been discovered and authorities are hot on his heels.

His co-passenger has a faint physical resemblance to him.

He finds that the co-passenger has a Mexican passport.

As they sit to drink, the banker gets his co-passenger sloshed and tops it up with a poisonous powder in a glass of water.

With the co-passenger out of consciousness, the banker steals his passport and throws the guy out of the train.

He throws his own luggage after him.

The story till here itself is full of suspense.

Now what happens.

The banker gets down at the station where the other guy was supposed to alight, with the latter’s luggage.

He hires a car at the station and proceeds onwards.

At one point, the suitcase opens by chance and a gun pops out.

In the open suitcase, the banker sees a newspaper clipping, ‘xxxx xxxx. The Killer’.

The man whose identity the banker has stolen, after destroying his own identity, is a murderer on the run from the law.

He is the assassin of the Mexican governor and there is a reward of 100,000 pesos on him, dead or alive.

Have you seen a premise like this in a Film?

If you have, please share. Let’s have a discussion.


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